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Ho, hum. This ended as it always does.

The old Arabic saying is appropriate here for both Democratic and Republican extremists in Congress, “The dogs keep barking, but the Caravan moves on.” 

Such is the howling from many on Capitol Hill on news of a tentative agreement between Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling and avert default

This was the inevitable conclusion from Day One of the 2024 Presidential Campaign season despite excessive media hyperbole about a catastrophic U.S. financial collapse.  It was never going to happen as it hasn’t in the past. 

Grumbling aside, recalcitrant members of both political parties will ultimately agree to the deal.

Compromise is the art of legislation. Contestants compete for the best possible outcome on their demands.  Smart negotiators realize the need to accept the possible—not demand the impossible.

Another legislative truth, is that good legislation is never completed on the first try.  Incremental progress is desirable.  You come back another day and use today’s success as the starting point for tomorrow’s next steps.

Unfortunately, too few on Capitol Hill understand that because the extremes of both parties represent districts where constituents are out of touch with reality.  And those representatives pander to their lunacy.