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Iowa Midterm Elections Begin Today

Registered voters in Iowa can cast their ballots starting today for candidates to the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, for Governor, the Iowa General Assembly—and the list goes on.

Two years ago, the Iowa legislature changed the state’s voting procedures. The changes imposed—among other things—reducing the number of days for early voting and shorter hours that voting locations will open on election day.

I don’t believe the revisions were unnecessary because the previous law was working well. 

There was no evidence of election fraud as alleged by some critics.

The League of United Latin American Citizens sued Iowa in March of 2021 claiming Iowa’s new voting laws would result in voter suppression. But the Iowa Supreme Court ultimately rejected the argument.

Absentee ballots were mailed today to voters who requested them.  I am one and when it arrives in the next day or two, I’ll complete it easily, quickly and either return it via mail the same day or drive to Nevada and hand it to the Story County Auditor. 

Despite my argument that the previous law worked well and there was no reason to change it, voting still remains easy in Iowa. 

Early voting 20 days before November 8 is no hardship. Returning an absentee ballot can be done quickly.  You can even register to vote on election day.  And there are several approved forms of identification to prove your eligibility. 

People who need transportation can call the political party of their choice for help.  Both the Democratic and Republican Parties will gladly give rides to the polls.

Individuals who can’t receive time off from work to vote, should use an absentee ballot.

Voter suppression does not exist in Iowa.  The requirements are the same for everyone. 

The right to vote is one of the privileges of our democratic republic.  We should take advantage of this opportunity to make sure democracy continues. The only suppression is from those who decide not to vote.

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