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Sexual Identity and Fair Athletic Competition

The advocates of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are fighting for the right cause—eliminating discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin and sexual identity.

But they take the wrong path when they support anatomical male athletes who become females through surgery and hormone therapy then wish to compete in women’s sports. 

Puberty changes male and female bodies.  For men this means—among other things—increased height, strength and speed.  Physical differences women on average cannot match and thus will not achieve the athletic accomplishments of men.

Males who undergo the steps to become females will retain the physical stature, strength and speed that puberty gave them.

Yet sexual identify activists—most notably the LGBTQ+ community—fail to accept this truth in their campaign to allow male transgender athletes to compete as women.

There are several examples of anatomical women competing in traditional male sports.   Mo’ne Davis was a Little League Baseball star in 2014.

College and Olympic standout Anne Meyers was the first woman to sign an NBA contract when the Indiana Pacers offered $50,000. 

But more recently transgender males have moved into female sports and defeating them regularly.  University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas became a female after competing as a male for three years.  Thomas’s victories against females have sparked debate and complaints. 

Gay female professional tennis star Martina Navratilova and male Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner—now Caitlin Jenner following surgery and hormone treatments—have argued that Thomas should not be permitted to compete as a female.

The Washington Post editorial board recognized the disadvantage that transgender males have when competing against women. 

The publication wisely suggests a solution that I have supported since this controversy began.  Organize separate competition for transgender athletes. 

As more athletes transition to the gender with which they identify, the current unfair competition will continue until sports government bodies come to their senses. 

It’s time to level the playing field so that males compete against males, females against females and transgender athletes against other transgender athletes.   This will bring fairness to everyone.

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