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Professional Sports Names That Must Be Changed

With word that the National Football League’s (NFL) Washington Redskins team will change its name, here is a look at other NFL teams whose names must be scrapped.

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1–Cleveland Browns. The term “browns” is a slur against people of color. The team should simply choose another color such as purple, green, turquoise or chartreuse. But as home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame team should go with The Rockers or Rollers.

2–Dallas Cowboys. If you eliminate the Redskins you have to terminate the Cowboys (so to speak). Cowboys and Indians are too strongly associated with America’s history that you can’t have one without the other. Sorry but the Cowboys will have to hang up their spurs.

3–Houston Texans. Ditto. Read Cowboys above.

4–Green Bay Packers. Although presumably a tribute to Wisconsin’s laborers, it ignores the contributions of other hardworking Americans in the cheese state—doctor, lawyers, engineers and teachers. If you’re inclusive, you’ve got to recognize everyone. But the Green Bay DLETs doesn’t quite do it. There is more work to be done here. Green Bay Cheese seems inevitable.

5–Minnesota Vikings. This name reeks of white privilege and oppression. The Nordic Nation will have to pick another name. Perhaps the Minnesota Blizzard. But the team no longer plays on the frozen tundra so this is not such a cool idea.

6–New Orleans Saints. The owners may extend an ecumenical welcome to their fans. But name implies the sovereignty of Christianity. Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Mormons among others have reason to complain. Famous for its jazz, the team should adopt that label.

7–New York Giants. This name is blatantly discriminatory against people who are “under tall.” The owners are shortsighted to keep this moniker. New York is known as the Big Apple so the New York Orchard would work.

8–San Francisco 49rs. This too has to go. It’s a symbol of aggression and exploitation during the heyday of the Gold Rush. We all know the violence that accompanied disputed territorial claims to say nothing of environment damage as would-be millionaires tore through the earth in search of riches. In this era of “inclusivity” the team should be San Francisco Bridge.

9–Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As hoards of Americans descended on California in the mid 19th Century, pirates roamed the high seas commandeering merchant ships and making off with their booty. Such piracy must not be a symbol for any team—even if it is in fun-in-the-sun Florida. In fact, the team should be Tampa Bay Sun.

10—Kansas City Chiefs. If the Redskins leave Washington, the Chiefs must catch the first train out of KC. Oh, some will argue that Chiefs is not a reference to Native-Americans but instead a salute to corporate leaders, government officials and bosses of all stripes. We’re no fools; we’re “woke” and know the true meaning of the name. Famous for its music and food, the team should be Kansas City Cuisine.

11—Las Vegas Raiders. The former Oakland team is gambling that its move to Sin City will spark a much-needed return to past NFL glory. The label Raiders should be retired. It, too, is a reminder of aggression, exploitation and enslavement.   A new city for the team demands a new name. The Las Vegas Strip—no that’s sexist. OK, let’s recognize the risky move and rename the team the Las Vegas Gamble. Unless, of course, some folks from Gamblers Anonymous object, then we’ll have to play another hand.

12—The Tennessee Titans. Recent seasons have proved this team is not a titan so when a new coach arrives he (all NFL coaches are male) should bring a new name. How about Tennessee Country that speaks of the state’s beauty and its popular country music.

13—Pittsburgh Steelers. In this year of protest against racism and violence, Steelers seems an inappropriate name. The inference of theft and crime doesn’t work. Yes, I know. Steelers refers to the ubiquitous steel buildings in the city. But the name still sounds criminal. Also known as The City of Bridges, the team could change its name to Bridges. But then it would have to negotiate with San Francisco. Perhaps the latter would accept Bay for its name.

14—New England Patriots. We should all be happy with this name and support the symbol if the not the team. Some of us may not like the football team. But we all can agree that American patriotism in all its forms is worth supporting.

We’ll look at Major League Baseball (MLB) soon.



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