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What more is there to say about the Coronavirus?

caricature-of-steve3 2It seems to this observer that there now is nothing novel about this novel virus at least in terms of what we know and our attempts to combat it.

First, it is well established that the Coronavirus originated in China and—if the government-controlled news media of that nation is to be believed—was first discovered to have been transmitted from animals to people.

We also know that it has quickly spread throughout the world and the number of deaths from the respiratory infection rises steadily.

Likewise, our knowledge of how it is spread and the most effective means for avoiding it are well documented.

It is also true that the ability of government officials across the world to recognize both the severity of the pandemic and to enact a quick, universal, effective response has hampered efforts to slow the spread of the disease.

The absence of consensus on what measures to apply to reduce the risk of infection has resulted in a patchwork tapestry of applications ranging from social distancing, voluntary sheltering in place, mandated quarantines, closures of “non-essential” businesses, and the alarming absence of essential medical equipment and supplies.

Perhaps the most disappointing development is the cultural and ideological divide that already plagues America and predates the arrival of COVID-19 to our shores is the inevitable finger pointing that has turned our discussion of next best steps into political posturing.

As with previous pandemics the number of who will survive will exceed the number of deaths no matter that that final figure is. The elderly and those with existing health problems are the most vulnerable. Their deaths will rise before the pandemic runs its course. But the number of Americans who will survive is certain to exceed by far the ultimate death toll.

This we all know.  But for now all we can do is to try to be careful, optimistic, remain in touch with friends and family if only from a distance.

What more is there to say?

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