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Archie Bunker and President Trump: a tale of unintended consequences

caricature-of-steve3 2I enjoy the CBS drama “Madame Secretary.”

But I doubt that the program’s producers recognized the unintended consequences of  portraying the female president as the victim of an unfair, politically motivated, strictly partisan effort by the fictional House to impeach her. I suspect the producers (Hollywood liberals most likely) wanted to make a point about today’s actual impeachment drama in the real House and Senate.  One opposing President Donald Trump.

However, the producers should have reviewed their history of the 1970s comedy “All in the Family” in which the principal character, Archie Bunker, is presented as a bigoted, unthinking, uninformed blue color worker.  Producer Norman Lear wanted to show the falsity of Bunker’s thinking.

However, a 1974 study by researchers Neil Vidmar and Milton Rokeach, suggested that “All in the Family” may, in fact, have reinforced “rather than reduce racial and ethnic prejudice.”

“Madame Secretary” is not as popular as was “All in the Family.” But it’s easy to see how some viewers can come away from this contemporary drama with more sympathy for our current president Donald Trump.

That, as I wrote above, is not what the program’s producer intended.

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