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New York Times’ decision to publish bigoted cartoon was a failure on several levels

caricature-of-steve3 2The New York yesterday apologized for publishing an anti-Semitic cartoon last week. I insert the offensive cartoon below.

Despite the publication’s apology, the question remains how this editorial misstep occurred? Who failed to see how repugnant this would be to many readers?

Diversity in American society should increase our awareness and sensitivity to persons and issues that may not be immediately apparent to individuals whose history lacks exposure to different realities.

Homogeneous societies usually have limited experience with alternative religions, racial and ethnic groups and the culture and experiences of those persons.  The hope of diversity is that we all should expand our understanding of these alternate truths and considers them when debating the important issues we all face.

The goal of American newsrooms to recruit more women, persons of color, different religions, sexual orientation and of national origin is to think broadly about stories, persons and issues previously ignored.

The fact that the New York Times or any news organization could have published this repugnant cartoon demonstrates blatantly how flawed the editorial process remains.

If newsrooms are sufficiently diverse, why don’t we hear editors and reporters asking what reactions will arise from this cartoon, photograph, story or commentary?

Are these diverse voices in news media still excluded from editorial meetings?  Are they intimidated by their counterparts who see them as token representatives only?  Has the news publication truly opened its doors and mentality to different views and suggestions?

If diversity were working as intended, this never would have happened.  This was failure that was avoidable.



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