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A detour around the Electoral College

caricature-of-steve3 2Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren yesterday said she wants to scrap the Electoral College.

That’s not going to happen because we would have to amend the U.S. Constitution—a nearly impossible task.  Instead some folks are campaigning for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC).

NPVIC is an interesting concept. It may even be a good idea. After all, as proposed it would assure that the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes would be elected.

Yes, Electoral College would remain intact. But the NPV promises that states would award their electoral votes to the candidate with the most popular votes.

That’s appealing—especially to those—who were angered that Al Gore lost the presidency to George W. Bush despite having more popular votes that Bush. Likewise, the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump although Clinton also had more popular votes that Trump.

But I’m still not clear how everyone’s voted is protected if the majority of Iowa voters—for example—cast ballots for Candidate A but the state’s Electoral College votes all go to Candidate B because B had more popular votes nationally. Aren’t Iowa voters, in fact, denied true representation in the Electoral College?

I may favor this idea but someone has to explain the math to me. And how exactly this truely protects everyone’s vote.

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