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Is there a constitutional protection for stupidity?

caricature-of-steve3 2Nevada lawmakers may not have asked that question when proposing a measure to allow law enforcement authorities to use technology that would detect whether persons are using their cellphone while driving.

But the question seems relevant.

The objections are inevitable and they are always the same—this is a violation of privacy.  Those are the same fools who oppose traffic cams that capture photos of vehicles crossing an intersection against a red light.

Opponents of traffic cams and the Nevada proposal against cellphone abuse while driving simply have no good reason for opposing such technology. Their sole objection is that they don’t want to be caught breaking the law.

Well, that’s too bad. If you’re a lawbreaker, you should pay the consequences.

The Constitution is a brilliant document that assures rights and blessings for Americans.  But protection for stupidity is not one of them.

To Nevada lawmakers—and others considering similar measures elsewhere—I say, “Pass the law!”

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