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Singapore Summit 2018

Caricature of SteveThere are two possible outcomes from the Singapore Summit between the United States and North Korea as the two countries work to reduce the threat of nuclear conflict.

One, North Korean President Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump reach an acceptable accord for further negotiations between their respective diplomatic aides.

This would involve a framework for future talks focused on a number of key points that appear to be negotiable at the moment.

Second scenario, both sides end their discussion in a stalemate that precludes any immediate progress toward solving the key issues that divide the two nations. Neither North Korea nor the U.S. wants to appear weak in the eyes of the world.

This second possibility would, of course, generate the most headlines despite likely continued behind-the-scenes talks among all interesting parties including South Korea and China.

Either way there will be more negotiations. Neither Kim Jong-un or Trump would have traveled this far diplomatically without hopes of eventual change.

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