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Joy in England; Sadness in America

Caricature of SteveMillions of persons around the world watched and celebrated the Royal Wedding of American Meghan Markle and British Prince Harry.

The coverage of this spectacle was as expected—focusing on the joy of the moment, the attraction of celebrity and the extravagance that only centuries of royal opulence and tradition can realize.

On this side of the pond, however, there was another deadly shooting at an American school. This time it a student at Santa Fe High School in Texas where a student killed classmates and at least one teacher.

The year isn’t half over and already we’ve recorded 20 school shootings that either killed or injured someone.

The story is too familiar. He (almost always males) was a loner, didn’t have many friends, and started posting strange thoughts on social media.  The family will express shock and surprise.

But of course the warning signs were there long before the rampage.  People close to him weren’t really close to him.  Didn’t intrude his life (take an interest) to see how he was doing.  And they either ignored or refused to see the festering trouble.

In other words, they didn’t fulfill their parental responsibility of grooming him for the time when he was to leave home as a good person.  Everyone had their own rooms, own space, separated from each other (both physically and psychologically).

This weekend we have witness both the joyous and saddest of times. The pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding and the terrible, senseless of massacre at another American school.

We should celebrate good moments and wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex all the best.

But we should also mourn the loss of the latest number of Americans who have perished at the hands of a gun-wielding killer as our elected leaders lack the courage to confront this reality.

This is the reality of our lives in 2018—a world of euphoria and evil.

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