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White House immigration proposal should be a victory for everyone

Caricature of StevePresident Trump proposes an immigration measure that would clear the path to U.S. citizenship for so-called “Dreamers” but stiffen border security to prevent the arrival of more undocumented residents.

The idea makes sense.  It contains suggestions that should please virtually every interested advocate for meaningful immigration reform—a win-win to use the contemporary parlance.

But it inevitably will become embroiled in the boneheaded political posturing on Capitol Hill that stops too many good ideas.

Democrats–still smarting from their failed effort to halt a short-term budget compromise–will resist any discussion of a border wall.

Republicans–who strongly oppose what they term amnesty for undocumented children–will insist on greater border security measures.

Although this measure proposes answers to several of our most contentious immigration issues, those who should most fervently embrace the suggestions will–inexplicably–voice the strongest dissent.

Add to this the reality of mid-term election politics, and the prospect of an actual bill signed into law appears remote.

That’s too bad.  Because this is a good beginning to what could be meaningful reform.

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