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The Dreamers deserve better than the advocates they have

Caricature of SteveUniversity of California President Janet Napolitano is the latest voice in a chorus of those who purportedly support the rights of Dreamers—the sons and daughters of immigrants living illegally in the United States. The Dreamers, as a result, are here unlawfully, too.

The Dreamers are the victims of parents who feared deportation because they entered the United States illegally for better lives.

That fear prevented them from applying opening for eventual legal residency and perhaps ultimately U.S. citizenship.

The result, their children never knew that they themselves were also here illegally although they knew virtually no other lifestyle than that of U.S. residents.

Yes, I support efforts to allow these young people—victims because of their parents’ fear to come forward—to remain in the U.S. and be granted fast track citizenship.

But those who support sanctuary cities to protect undocumented workers are precisely the culprits who should be blamed for the dilemma of the Dreamers.

If these so-called compassionate advocates for human rights were sincere, they would find a way to encourage undocumented workers to come out of the shadows, acknowledge their presence and apply for legal residency.

Yes, that’s a risk. But if they love their children, they should do it and their supporters should help them protect their children openly.

That’s the courageous path to take instead of the cowardly response so many purportedly immigrant advocates follow.

If genuinely interested in the Dreamers, Janet Napolitano and other supporters should take this step.

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