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The Lion of the Senate returns

Caricature of SteveArizona Republican Senator John McCain returned to the Senate today to vote for open debate on the current health care reform legislation.

Mr. McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer and his prognosis–based on the history of similar patients–appears grim.

So his speech today was an appeal to the congressional upper chamber to work together for the good of America.

Although the occasion of his remarks was the health care reform vote, his obvious intent was to remind his colleagues of their obligation to put aside partisan rivalries and animosity in the interest of national progress.

John McCain is one of the lions of the Senate–an American hero. Whether once agrees with the health care debate, his words are a call for greater unity from our congressional representatives in both chambers to work in a spirit of compromise.

We can only hope that such collaboration prevails regardless of legislation on health reform or the other pressing issues America faces.

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