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President Trump should let the Russia probes continue

Caricature of SteveMany Americans believe there was collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia to interfere with last November’s presidential team.

Whatever effort made by Russia failed to persuade American voters—a majority of whom voted for Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump won the Electoral College by winning a few key midwestern states.

However, the question remains about the larger web of potential ties between the Trump operatives and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. That question merits the ongoing investigation.

President Trump risks even more negative publicity about Russia if he tries to block former FBI Director James Comey from testifying before Congress next Thursday.

Claiming executive privilege would raise the dark specter of Richard Nixon’s presidency—again—and confirm what many Americans already believe. That President Trump has something illegal to hide.

Both from a political and legal standpoint, Mr. Trump should allow Mr. Comey to testify, remain silent, and make any public pronouncements only after Comey’s appearance.

America deserves a full explanation of these insinuations and allegations. And the multiple probes should go forward unimpeded.

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