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The Naked Truth on Capitol Hill

Caricature of SteveThe Congressional GOP Emperor has no clothes. Today’s legislative fiasco in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives exposed the party for what it is.

The naked truth is that the Republicans lied when they insisted they would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with something better.

Instead the GOP lawmakers said only what their constituents wanted to hear solely to be reelected.

They never had a plan despite nearly ten years of complaining about Obamacare and promises to pass something better.

Their shameless impotence now is on display for all America to see.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s words after today’s House debacle were a clearly diaphanous effort to hide the party’s incompetence. He claimed this would not set back the party’s ambitious agenda to secure our borders, rebuild our military, repair our aging infrastructure, reduce the deficit or reform the nation’s tax code.

Nonsense. It’s obvious to any observer that the Republicans have no credibility.

The GOP no longer can hide behind lofty language that tries to deceive voters that the party has the ability or the votes to tackle these significant issues.

Equally apparent is that President has confirmed what many of feared but hoped would not be true. He’s all hat but no cattle.

And no headwear is large enough to obscure Mr. Trumps absolute incompetence both as leader of the free word or the titular head of his party.

Today’s stark revelation displays one undeniable truth. We Americans will be held hostage for the next several years by mendacious stooges at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

What a sad day for America!

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