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We can agree on these controversies if we really want to.

Caricature of SteveWe are a nation that finds it easier to cast blame for perceived mistakes and grievances than to solve problems.

Three contemporary issue illustrate this American flaw clearly:

Climate Change

Are humans contributing to global warming? Probably.

Are weather changes the result of natural cycles? Probably.

Does that mean that the people who are fighting over whether climate change is real are both correct? Probably.

Unfortunately, both sides are focusing on the wrong questions. Our mutual concern should be whether climate change is bad and what can we do about it?

I think virtually all of us would agree that breathing smoke and exhaust from any source is bad for human health. I say virtually everyone because the potheads getting stoned from cannabis fumes are already lost in marijuana-clouded thinking. More on that later.

It’s easier for people to agree on the need to improve or protect human health than whether we’re slowly killing our planet—a process that will take hundreds of thousands of years. But we can begin working today on cleaner forms of energy to clean air and water that will help all of us tomorrow.

Forget about global warming, focus instead on our health.


Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates are never going to agree on whether abortion is eliminating a fetus or killing an unborn baby.

But both groups have one common goal if they would take the time to stop shouting and actually listen to each other.

Unwanted pregnancies. Both sides want to stop unwanted pregnancies. It’s the one and only point of agreement And the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates should unite to do just that.  How?  That’s up to the proponents to iron out.  But first you need to stop shouting and start listening.

Drug Abuse

Nearly 30 states either have legalized marijuana or eased restriction on its use.

Although I don’t favor recreational drug consumption, legalized manufacture and sale of cannabis, alcohol, tobacco and other substances would provide uniform quality and amounts bought over the counter.   Safety is my principal concern.

We’re never going to prevent people from consuming products that are bad for them whether food, drink or smoke. The failure of prohibition taught us that.

The answer is to establish uniform standards for the manufacture/growth, packaging, distribution and sale of these substances. That would accomplish three things: eliminate the criminal element in drug trade, increase revenue from taxes on drug sales, and assure uniform quantity/levels for each drug unit sold.

The tax revenues would then be used to treat those who inevitably will abuse consumption whether alcoholic, illicit drugs or unhealthful food.

Those who profess the medicinal benefits of smoking pot are deluding themselves. Scientists have identified the efficacious ingredients of cannabis and they can be distilled for healthful use and taken either by pill, salve or injection.

Even the benefits of nicotine on brains have been isolated by researchers and can prescribed without the negative effects of inhaling smoke.

Smoking damages your lungs–pills, salve and injections do not.


Some issues have clear, easy solutions. The challenge is not the complexity of effective answers to these contentious problems. The principal obstacles are the intransigent emotional prejudices that—until now—have occluded reason and impeded sincere efforts to work together.

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