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James Comey, the FBI and Clinton emails

Caricature of SteveI believe in government transparency.  And I reject the opinions of everyone who complained about the FBI last summer, complained about the FBI just last week and are complaining once again–today

FBI Director James Comey announced what his agency was doing when the Hillary Clinton email investigation began months ago. It stemmed from allegations that Clinton used a private email server for official communications—in violation of State Departmental policy.

FBI Director James Comey announced publicly  last summer following the agency examination that no charges would be brought against Clinton.

FBI Director James Comey announced publicly October 28 what his agency was doing when another trove of Clinton emails was found recently. This time on an Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin computer.

Abedin is an aide to Hillary Clinton; Weiner is Abedin’s estranged husband notorious for sexting images of his genitals—allegedly most recently to an underage girl. The emails were found during the FBI probe of Weiner’s activities.

And FBI Director James Comey announced publicly today that his agency would not bring charges against Hillary Clinton following its investigation of this latest batch of emails.


It is the highest form of hypocrisy to criticize Comey for his transparency and accountability.

Did he infuriate people of all stripes by his actions from day one to today?  Yes.

Did he act correctly?  Yes, he made no secret about what the FBI was doing or what conclusion it reached—the first and second time.

I will repeat.  I think he acted honorably. He was completely open about the  FBI investigations.

The agency’s work was not hidden from the public.  On the contrary.

FBI agents were not acting on their own with no oversight.  On the contrary.

Is James Comey to blame for the email scandal?  Of course not.  That was Hillary Clinton’s arrogance, secrecy and stupidity.

Should the FBI have investigated?  Of course.

Should we all have known about it.  Of course.

Did we?  Of course.


Now everyone should stop whining about persons who do exactly the jobs they were hired to do and to perform their duties in a way everyone can watch.

James Comey did precisely that.

What more can you ask?  Nothing and no one should.

Instead, we should  point fingers at persons who really do act wrongly.  And on Tuesday Americans will choose between two such individuals to be our next president.

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