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Takeaways from Democratic Party Convention–Day 1

Caricature of SteveI enjoyed the speeches. And as usual I and the media/pundits were watching two different speakers.

My perceptions are below (you’ve already read or heard others):

Michelle Obama. It was a nice positive speech touching on the potential of America and the care and love she and Barack have for their children. I’ve never doubted it for a moment. I voted for Obama in 2008 and continue to think they are excellent role models for what is potential in America.

My only argument has been with the policies the Obama administration has promoted (either in intent or intensity). My overall evaluation of his presidency is: slightly above average—domestically. I think he has been below average in foreign policy.

I liked Michelle’s speech. Was it the speech of the night? It depends on whether you like positive or negative.

Elizabeth Warren: If you like an old fashioned, stem-winding, fire-up-the-crowd address, Warren won the night. I like her enthusiasm and her repetition of the Hillary campaign slogan after key points. A traditional crowd stirring technique that I always enjoy whether I agree or not.

However, she did get down and dirty with Donald Trump only moments after Michelle proclaimed when the other side goes down we go up. Not Elizabeth. But I liked Warren’s enthusiasm. Fun to watch.

If this was your first exposure to her personality, no wonder so many democrats wanted her to enter the race.

Her constant reference to a “rigged system” must have made the Clintons and other Democrat leaders squirm a bit. She was talking about the power of America’s economic elite but she used the same term as others have following the leaked DNC emails (rigged against Bernie). Warren is too smart not to have caught that before she spoke. Hm…

Bernie Sanders: My original impression of Sanders has not wavered since he entered the campaign. He’s too old and a one trick pony.

I noted that he did not release his delegates. He said “I look forward to your vote tomorrow.” That, boys and girls, is not the ringing endorsement of Hillary the pundits claimed he made.

He and his supporters have new reasons to be upset with the DNC after the leaked emails.

That’s my view from the Midwest.

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