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Are endorsements important? No.

Caricature of SteveI am baffled by endorsements.  Who is persuaded by them?

Professional athletes prominently promote products. I’ve worn a beard for decades but am I going to remove  my facial hair because I watch tennis player Roger Federer use a Gillette razor?  Hardly.

I wear earphones to listen to music and videos on my laptop. Basketball star LeBron James may sport fancy clothes and afford the Best earphones.  But his commercial with the British accented narration to imply elegance won’t persuade me to switch.

Comedienne Tina Fey seems the poster girl for impulse buying but her fame won’t inspire me to change my spending habits or charge card. She won’t get any American credit for that.

Actor Mathew McConaughey looks flashy in his Lincoln MKC  but to see him every time I turn on my TV drives me crazy.


 Dozens of famous folk may back Donald Trump  for president but what do they know about America’s problems and solutions? Am I really going to take the advice of stable actor Martin Sheen, wrestler and sex tape star Hulk Hogan or Tila Tequila—whoever she is?

 I was ambivalent about Hillary Clinton until I learned that Kim Kardashian was among a score of celebrities in Hillary’s corner. Yes, that was the clincher for me.

 President Obama has declared his support for Clinton.  How many of us were waiting until Obama made his choice before we made ours?   I’m sure Bernie Sanders supporters now will abandon him like rats from a sinking ship.

Lots of Republican Party elites don’t like their de-facto nominee Donald Trump and made that clear at a weekend retreat organized by Mitt Romney. After sitting on the fence for months, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan said a few days ago he will vote for Trump in the fall.  Why?

Ryan claims he’s trying to help Republican Representatives in pro-trump districts. If the representatives are already in pro-trump districts why is Ryan’s support necessary?


Celebrity endorsements are meaningless and insulting. Obviously Madison Avenue thinks most Americans are mindless Lemmings. We are willing to follow famous Pied Pipers because we can’t make our own decisions.

This is all nonsense, of course. I’ve never made a single purchase nor cast my vote for any candidate based on the opinion of any famous person.  I hope that’s true of most Americans.

The only beneficiaries of such endorsements are the already highly-paid celebrities who star in them.

The rest of us don’t care.

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