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Kaffeeklatsch: Is there anybody else?

“Good morning, gentlemen,” Beverly greets us cheerfully. “How you all doin’ on this bright Wednesday morning?”

“Humph,” utters John grumpily.

“Uh..well…thank you, Beverly. What’s your special today,” I inquire.

“Nothing’s special today,” John complains.

“Obviously you wanted to be well potted, so you won’t leave here besotted,” Beverly sings. “I can guarantee you’ll be merry, when you taste our delicious Peaberry.”

“I can’t decide,” grumbles John. “It’s too much trouble.”

“Just try a sip,” I suggest.

“Not the coffee. I can’t decide who to vote for. I don’t like any of the presidential candidates.”

“Whom to vote for,” corrects Beverly, “But were among friends so go on.”

“I tend to agree,” I begin. “In a nation of more than 300 million people, we end up with…”

“Yeah, yeah, we know. We’ve heard you before. Now we’re stuck with these two–either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.”

“Not really,” Beverly sits down with us. “There are lots of other candidates.”

“Name one,” challenges John as he tries his first taste of Peaberry.


“Well, I wish I was American

I wish I was American

I wish I was American, right now…”

“Well, there’s Libertarian Gary Johnson  former governor of New Mexico. He stands for…”

“No, no. New Mexico stole the National Balloon Festival  from Indianola. You can see it right there in his TV ad,” John observes. “It’s sickening.”

“Then how about Jill Stein of the Green Party.  She’s a physician and environmentalist who could cure your woes.”

“Just what this country needs, one more tree hugger,” John snickers.

“Perhaps you could embrace the Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle.  He’s a lawyer who argues for states rights.”

“I can state right now that I don’t want another lawyer in the White House.”

“Well, I’d go down to the polling station

Cast my vote for the good of the nation.

I wish I was American right now.”

“Ok, then bus driver Benjamin Weigel might be worth your trip to the ballot box,” Beverly continues.

“I don’t think he’s my path to victory.”

“What about Samm Title? She’s all about individual rights and personal freedoms. Her name Samm stands for Saving America’s Majesty for Millions,” I reveal.

“I think I’ll use my individual right to look elsewhere.”

“Well, I don’t have to be a resident,

To care about who’s president,

When the long arm of his reaches far and wide.”

“I’m looking for somewhat who can reach out to various groups,” John hopes.

“Then John Fitzgerald John—The Real Grandmaster Jay—may be your ticket,” I entertain.

“Another taskmaster, no thank you.”

“Not taskmaster, he calls himself the Real Grandmaster…”

Dr. Lynn Kahn has a simple seven-step plan to fix government and build peace,” mulls Beverly as she refills our cups and starts tapping her toes.

“And, John, do you really want to vote for Tami Stainfield rather than Trump or Clinton,” I caution as I begin to tap the table to the tune.

“Well, I guess there are some other people out there,” John ponders and starts to move his head to the music.

“I am an honorary yank,

Not by choice, but still I thank

Those fine Americans I know.

 Who exercise their given right

To take back the bank, the school, the night.

From those who steal America now.”

“Ok, I’ll think about this a little more,” John lifts his cup.

“Good idea, “Beverly agrees, “You have ‘til November to decide. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the moment.”


“I wish I was American

 I wish I was American

 I wish I was American right now.”


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