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It’s time for commonsense voter registration

Caricature of SteveAfter seven decades I continue to be baffled by the opinions and decisions of  various groups and individuals.

And here we are again. The controversy continues over voter registration requirements. You would think the question of how to register and  vote would have been resolved long ago. Obviously not.

North Carolina is the latest jurisdiction embroiled in the debate. A U.S. district judge Monday upheld the state’s voter identification law.

Thomas Schroeder declared in his 485-page opinion that North Carolina’s law—including the requirement to produce a photo ID—was constitutional.

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has handed down similar rulings—most notably in the case of Texas.

But SCOTUS has been inconsistent on the issue and decisions by other judges and courts across the land have left a trail of confusing interpretations.

PennsylvaniaWisconsin, Arizona and Kansas are just a few states where the contentious debate over voter registration requirements has raged.

Voting rights activists have long argued against requirements that some of us would consider logical and common sense. You shouldn’t have to prove your citizenship they assert. Very strange thinking because it’s illegal to vote if you’re not a citizen.

You should be able to register and vote on the same day they claim. Their rationalization is unclear because this practice makes it virtually impossible to prevent possible fraud such as voting in multiple precincts.

Voting rights activists protest what they see as unreasonable and complicated registration steps that discriminate against many individuals.

But these same voting rights didn’t storm to the defense of Donald Trump’s children, Eric and Ivanka, who were unable to vote in the New York State primary April 19 because they failed to register on time.

I guess you have to be poor and minority to get the pro-voters groups behind you.

Yes, some locales require steps that make voter registration more difficult than necessary. But the requirements for voter eligibility often make perfectly good sense.

An easier way

You should have to register well before you come to the polls. You should have to show proof of citizenship. You should present a photograph and legitimate identification.

Iowa allows residents to use one of six types of identification and five ways to prove legal residence.

Frankly, this is too lenient. Anyone who wants to vote should be committed enough to a single universally recognized ID with address and phone number.

I’ve written elsewhere why I favor a national identification card similar to those used in other countries.

Really, it’s time to develop uniform, logical, commonsense voter registration requirements and put this controversy to rest.

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