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Anti-Trump movement is Anti-American

Donald TrumpI can imagine a cabal of the oligarchy in a Third World nation resorting to thwart a popular election.

Scores of developing countries ruled by autocratic military regimes have done this repeatedly.

We’d expect this from a totalitarian society.  But in the United States of America?

That’s what this anti-Trump plot  from the Republican Party establishment is.  What else would you call it?

Americans have voted and–like it or not–it would be a violation of our historic principles to ignore their voices.

The electorate has made it clear; voters want Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the U.S. presidential contestants this fall.

Although I am unhappy with all the candidates, this is the way democracy should work.

The GOP leaders should end this talk of a coup and go home.  The government works for the American people—they are our public servants not the other way around.

Let our citizens have the final word.

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