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The Iowa Caucus is hype but helpful.

Caricature of SteveI’ve always considered the national attention paid to the Iowa Precinct Caucus to overblown.

Yes, the vote is important for the state’s ultimate decision about who the national convention delegates are.  But given the relatively few numbers of Iowans who actually vote, sometimes it seems as if there are more candidates and media in Iowa than citizens who make it to the caucus. Only a handful of Iowans will show which presidential candidates have realistic prospects.

Despite the criticism that Iowa isn’t representative of the nation, the major presidential candidates know it’s important to test their campaign arguments here before interested and involved citizens. After spending months in the Hawkeye State, if they can’t attract and keep the support of potential voters, White House hopefuls need to reassess their strategy or get out of the race.

The state may not reflect national demographics, but we are not rigid in our views. The candidate rankings among Iowans have fluctuated as we evaluated the men and women trying to earn our votes. And the popularity of conservative Donald Trump and socialist Bernie Sanders demonstrates the breadth of political ideology among our citizens.

The winners of tonight’s Iowa Precinct Caucus may not emerge as the ultimate nominee for either party. But those candidates who fail to break into double digits should leave Iowa realizing that this is not their year. They will not be the next president of the United States.

Iowa will help winnow the field as it always does.

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