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The Word of the Year

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The long awaited moment has arrived.

Forget the Iowa Caucuses or the New Hampshire Primary.  You can ignore the upcoming NCAA National Football Championship between Clemson and Alabama.

The Super Bowl 2016 pales in comparison. And March Madness has been eclipsed in significance

Yes, I’m talking about the highly anticipated Word of The Year.

It’s now official. You may use “they” with impunity  when referring to an individual or entity. I know the American Dialect Society (ADS) is delighted they came to this decision.

I, too, now can relax. The tension of deciding in recent years whether to use “he,” “she,” “he/she” or “they” when talking about one person or organization has dissipated.

Yes, I have been freed of the linguistic ligatures that bound me to the tortuous obligation of eschewing grammatical gibberish. My Sisyphean servitude has been stayed.

Furthermore, I am in shock and awe that the ADS not only has resolved the contentious conflicted cacophony over the gender-neutral singular pronoun. But the organization simultaneously managed to appease the political correct conundrum of how to recognize the ambiguity of transgender persons.

It is a momentous occasion. Words alone cannot express the etymological epiphany with which the society has struck down the impediments to clear communication and rendered a historic blow for societal and political correctness.

On this day I am humbled and nearly speechless.   In my giddiness I can barely manage to submit my felicitations to the society for the emancipation they have granted millions of English speakers and writers. For the freedom to express ourselves unshackled from rules, heritage, tradition demanding fealty to clarity and precision.

Emotion has overwhelmed me and I must cease. To the American Dialect Society, I hope they understand.

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