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New effort to combat ISIS is doomed

Caricature of SteveThe White House acknowledges that its current campaign to combat the ISIS ideology to radicalize and recruit  young Muslims is not working.

Instead President Obama will cobble together a program by enlisting the help of several government agencies  and placing the new effort in the Department of Homeland Security.

This won’t work either

This is another effort by government bureaucrats as well as elected and appointed officials to combat a problem that won’t be resolved online.

The only way you ever win the hearts and souls of people is showing that you are interested in them. That requires face-to-face contact, spending time with youth at risk, and working with the Muslim community (in this case).

You can’t and won’t win this war sitting in some office. You have to get into the neighborhoods. A domestic Peace Corps campaign if you will.

And even that won’t work unless a sizable number of non-Muslim Americans are prepared to make the latter commitment.

How many of us are ready to take those steps?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s the tragedy and that’s why this new effort will fail.

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