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A New Year’s Resolution I can keep

Caricature of SteveWelcome to the first day of 2016!

I know each of us either has made our New Year’s Resolutions or is about to. You remember, the same ones from last year that we soon discarded. The same thing will happen this year, too.

But here is good news.  It’s  a resolution I have made and will keep easily. I’m not going to change what I eat and drink.

Ancient proof

The Lancet and several other scholarly magazines have published definitive evidence that a change of diet makes no difference in efforts to prevent arterial and cardiac disease from the accumulation of damaging plaque in our arteries and heart.

Prehistoric human beings had the same disease  despite their supposedly more healthful diets.  The study was based on the examination of the mummified remains of  our ancient ancestors who lived in different locations and had different diets.  All suffered the same level of heart disease.

So here’s to 2016 and the joy of eating and drinking everything we’ve been warned to avoid!

I trust our ancient ancestors and the researchers who have confirmed the truth. Prehistoric homo sapiens had varied diets and none of them prevented heart disease.

So eat, drink, and be merry this year with not a worry!

Oh, you just might want to stay on the slim side.

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