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No excuse for insensitive cartoon

When some folks wonder why I am often critical of my former profession, look no farther than the irresponsible action by Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes and Post editor Fred Hiatt.

Telnaes posted  a cartoon depicting Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz as an organ grinder with his daughters as monkeys  dancing to his tune. Hiatt admitted that he did not look at the cartoon before it was published.

Senator Ted Cruz lambasted the newspaper saying that he was fair game but his children were off limits. Rival GOP Presidential contender Senator Marco Rubio tweeted that he agreed with Cruz.

Such a lapse of journalistic ethics is regrettable any time of the year. But during this holiday season, it is especially deplorable.

Although the newspaper later withdrew the cartoon with a mea culpa from Hiatt, the behavior of Telnaes  and Hiatt is inexcusable.

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