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Two television reporters are dead. And we are to blame

Caricature of SteveVester Flanagan shot to death two Virginia television reporters during a live shot yesterday morning.  And it’s our fault.

Flanagan is one more troubled person who was shuffled off to his next employer and forgotten.   Another individual whom we discarded and now is someone else’s problem.

However, had someone kept track of Vester Flanagan and asked, “Whatever happened to him,” maybe he would have received treatment and this tragedy would have been avoided.

But we really don’t care about others. If we did, we’d try to help troubled souls.

This is a triple tragedy: Flanagan who was discarded, forgotten and turned killer; Alison Porter, the young reporter who seemed destined for more success; and Adam Ward, who was starting a new phase of his life with his fiancée.

All three are dead because we refused to step up when we first saw the danger signs years ago. Too many people had opportunities to save Vester Flanagan but didn’t. Instead, each person who knew him looked away. We washed our hands of him, sent him packing, and said good riddance. No one helped.

This is an all too familiar story. One that will be repeated. Because we don’t really care.

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