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Let’s hear it for your favorite!

Have we really sunk this low in our political reporting? Apparently so.

The usually respected magazine Politico says that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won a recent straw poll in California.  The event was a gathering of about 100 wealthy Republican donors. They were asked to indicate their preferred candidate from the 17 GOP contenders.

How was the poll conducted?  Why using the tried and tested 1950s TV game show method–the applause-o-meter made popular on the “Queen for A Day” (go to the 36:00 minute of the clip to see how it works).

Wait, it wasn’t even an actual meter!  The results were based only on which candidate received the loudest applause when those in the audience were asked to clap their hands for their favorite Republican presidential candidate.

Politico declares, “The results of the straw poll are by no means conclusive,…”


–You mean that only 100 people isn’t a large enough group to provide valid results?

–You mean asking people to applaud for their favorite candidate isn’t a scientifically accurate measurement?

–You mean basing the results on our hearing isn’t definitive?

Politico earns a Rock for this claptrap;  it is definitely NOT  journalism.

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