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Supreme Court approves health care subsidies–now time for true reform

Caricature of SteveI’m fine with the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision today upholding tax credits for anyone who buys health insurance regardless of their residence.

As long as every American anywhere has an equal opportunity to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that’s good.

Besides, despite Republican and conservative opposition to Obamacare, none of the opponents has a viable alternative.

That said, the real issue should be to improve the quality and distribution of health care in America.  And the ACA never was about that.

Obamacare has always been about helping millions of Americans pay for care.  Health care that is mediocre at best.

Needed Reforms

–The United States has the worst record among eleven developed nations for infant mortality

–Health care procedures remain too expensive for many Americans

–Health care providers in the United States are notoriously inefficient—spending more time and money on insurance paperwork than other nations

–America is last among most industrialized nations in delivering health care to the poor, minorities and rural residents.

–Coordinated care among related health providers is inadequate. Patients suffer because of poor communication between generalists and specialists as well as rural and urban practitioners.

The next serious step by Republicans, conservatives and other ACA opponents should be to devise a plan that improves the quality of health care and reduces its cost.

Obamacare is the law of the land.   Now it’s time to move on to true health care reform—better quality and universal access.

Let’s see if ACA opponents can actually deliver.

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