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The further decline of broadcast news

Caricature of SteveToday’s edition of the RTDNA Daily contains items that  speak to the  devolution of broadcast journalism.

1–The Selfie Stick and LiveU SmartGRIP are two more examples of how broadcast media are saving money by investing in technology that is fun but of questionable value.

I see poor video quality, lack of editorial oversight, ethical failures and potential for illegal intrusion.

2–ABC and NBC journalists are cited for allegedly violating media procedures at a Chicago courthouse.

Although I believe journalists should have access to newsmakers, the actions of a few reporters can harm their professional colleagues.

In this case network parachute reporters (who fly in, cause a ruckus, then fly out) penalize local journalists who have to live with the aftermath and its consequences.

3– Canadian broadcasters are fired for different reasons but each engaged in behavior that was questionable at least and illegal at worse.  A pattern too often repeated in recent years here in the U.S.

In the first instance, I hope broadcast media are carefully considering the pros and cons of technological innovation before deciding whether to adopt instead of saying “Wow, this will be fun to use!”

As CBS anchor Scott Pelley said several years ago when talking about recent erroneous news stories, “Our house is on fire.”

In the absence of direct editorial control over new technologies like the Selfie Stick and LiveU SmartGRIP as well as the continuing degradation of journalism ethics, how are we trust today’s media or their personalities?

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