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The Hillary Concert: I’ve heard this song before

Caricature of SteveWhat we will hear from now until election day 2016 will be variations of the all too familiar theme.

It’s the timeless Hillary Clinton Concert.  We already know the melody, the tune is familiar, we have memorized the lyrics.

Whether it’s the Clinton Charity Pay to Play donations, the Arkansas Whitewater Probe, the White House Travel Office when she was First Lady or the Email Scandal as Secretary of State, we just tap our feet and sway to the uninterrupted rhythm.  And the news media will always cover the song whether the pace is fast or slow.

Most of us have already made up our minds about Hillary; you either support her or you don’t.  Any future performance of the Clinton Concert will serve only to harden opinions not convert the undecided.

Until someone else from the  Democrat Party decides to compete for American Idol and challenge her Voice, it looks as if Clinton will remain an unchallenged soloist.

Nevertheless, we all know performers who are not talented. But are popular and keeping drawing fans even if the music is old and off tune.  This appears true in the latest road tour as Ms. Clinton crosses the country in her Scooby-Doo van.

Whether a member of her fan club or not, with Hillary the Beat Goes On

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