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Transgender bathrooms. Why are we talking about this?

Caricature of SteveThere are some topics that aren’t worth discussing. Transgender bathrooms is one of them.

Although I consider this a non-starter, several major media have elevated it to a matter worthy of national coverage.

Politico and the Advocate  were among the first news organizations to bring this to our attention.

Not to be eclipsed in the endless search for either a scoop or different spin, CNN and NBC News quickly broadcast this breaking story.

The Huffington PostChristian PostChristian Science Monitor and The Washington Post all made sure we didn’t miss this critical policy issue.

Now before you accuse me of anti-gender bias or discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender persons, let me assure you I am not.

I support gay marriage; I abhor discrimination against gays and lesbians; and I firmly support the rights of bisexual and transgender individuals to live in peace, security and dignity.

That said, I fear that issue of transgender bathrooms will become an issue of protracted debate.

–Will Congress have to pass legislation mandating transgender facilities and what will we call them—Unisex, Gender-neutral, Gender-friendly?
–Will private and public institutions and businesses have to provide gender-neutral accommodations?
–Will religious groups protest gender-friendly bathrooms?
–Will this become a question during the upcoming presidential campaign?

It’s all so unnecessary.

1–We have scores of Unisex restrooms already. Keep those.

2–Make all women’s bathrooms gender-neutral.

3–Any new facility construction should contain stalls and toilets only—no urinals.

Job done.

We’ve spent too much time on this already—let’s move on.

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