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Will this be the tipping point?

Caricature of SteveTwo events this week prompted me to repost my countdown to the city elections April 07 in Ferguson, Missouri.   Will this be the tipping point?

Wednesday Attorney General Eric Holder spoke about two investigations the Department of Justice (DOJ) is conducting in Ferguson in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police.

And Saturday President Barack Obama was in Alabama to mark the 50th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama and the historic Voting Rights Act.


In only 29 days, April 07, the voters of Ferguson, Missouri have an opportunity to change the face of their city government.  

Given the record of racial discord in the community, you would think that residents would take their anger to the polling booth. They should.

The results will tell us how serious the community is about solving its problems.

There can be no excuse for inaction. Critics and advocates for change should start their countdown to election day April 07.

 Twenty nine days to get out the vote. Let’s see what happens.

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