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A journalist’s confession

Caricature of SteveThe New York Times columnist Frank Bruno today notes what’s wrong with news media coverage of presidential candidates.

He’s correct, of course, but I’d bet a small amount of money–just enough to pay for a drink of some flavor–that Mr. Bruno and his colleagues will continue down the very path he decries seconds after posting this.

Why?  Because he has deadlines to meet and content to produce.  And easy “gotcha” stories or spousal wardrobe descriptions are fast and easy.

Much harder yet more worthwhile to the U.S. electorate would be to look closely and carefully as the record (qualifications) of each candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s public life is a trove of potential examination and analysis–both good and bad.

Ditto for the years Jeff Bush, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Rick Perry all have been in office.  The other GOP candidates also have public records although less extensive and they probably are not as well qualified.

The media have to provide evidence of that or the contrary.  But they aren’t and won’t.

So as I’ve said often before and will say frequently until November 2016, the media will waste time, energy, miles on the road, and words in print, online and on air telling us little of substance.

But they will meet their deadlines.

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