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I love this commercial. Why the anger?

Caricature of SteveI’m baffled by the outrage that this Jeep Renegade commercial has evoked among some viewers who saw it during last weekend’s Super Bowl.

Why the anger? This Woodie Guthrie song is a celebration of America, of course. But the lyrics are universal and speak to the beauty of the world and its people.

We spend too much time paying attention to those who would tear us apart through terrorism, partisan and ideological sclerosis, religious intolerance, racial hatred, and sexual phobia.

Instead we should spend more time building bridges, embracing our fellow humans, respecting and learning from our diversity, and rejoicing in what we all have in common—a universal love of family and friends.

Ironically, the full lyrics of “This Land is Your Land” criticize the very anger that so many people have voiced after seeing the commercial.

Woody Guthrie would be appalled.  As I am.  As should everyone.

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