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My birthday resolution

Caricature of SteveToday I observe another birthday. I choose the verb “observe” carefully because this is not one of the anniversaries that ends either in 0 or 5.

Instead it’s a year when my most common greeting so far has been “Hey, you’re still here?” Not a recognition that sets my heart a flutter.

Speaking of fluttering hearts, my wife has inspired today’s birthday resolution.

You see, I don’t make New Year’s promises. I figure by the time my birthday rolls around 30 days later, I’ll have broken any resolutions that were the result of misguided exuberance fueled by end-of-year celebration and liquid spirits. So January 30 is an opportunity to start fresh—with more realistic goals and a clearer if still aching head.

Beth says she’s sick of the vitriol that people post in the media and online. Although she didn’t point a finger at me specifically, after nearly 50 years of marriage I have learned to recognize an occasional clue.

I agree. It’s time to stop with all the mean-spirited, spiteful, hateful, destructive, sarcastic, self-serving crap that has replaced thoughtful debate these days.

So I pledge today to be more positive about issues and people.

I will try to say only positive things about Hillary Clinton although that will be a challenge.

My blog will be limited to the accomplishments of President Obama ignoring his lack of international resolve and his willingness to bypass constitutional process through executive action.

My comments about Chris Christie will be gentile even if I still wish he’d spend more time working on New Jersey problems than partying with the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s time to recognize the academic credentials of Ted Cruz and resist criticizing his senatorial theatrics designed only to draw publicity and cement relations with the GOP conservative fringe.

I choose not to cast aspersions on Mitt Romney for deciding not to run for president next year because he would be a target of too many persons poking fun at his history of flip-flopping on issues.

Jeb Bush will not be criticized for attempting to extend the family dynasty and separate himself from the disappointing presidency of his older brother.

No today is a new day with a positive attitude and a commitment to civility.

OK I just reread my words and I see this resolve continues to be a work in progress.

Let me start over…

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