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Where the hell was the United States?

Caricature of SteveI’m enraged that President Barack Obama could not clear his calendar to attend the support rally in France after terrorists massacered 17 persons there following the publication of alleged anti-Islamic cartoons by the newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

I’m incensed that an America that boasts of its First Amendment protection of free speech didn’t have the respect and sympathy for an ally who had the actual courage to demonstrate its belief in the right of expression.

I’m furious that Secretary of State John Kerry has the arrogance to claim he had other commitments but will “drop by Paris” on his way home from India.

I’m angry that Washington couldn’t find a single high-profile official to display our sadness and understanding of the tragedy in Paris.

I’m indignant at the height of hypocrisy that not a single Republican—who are outspoken in criticizing the administration for this U.S. diplomatic snub—weren’t present either. Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John McCain managed their barbs from the comfort of their living room chairs rather than the streets France.

Forty world leaders managed to fly to Paris to join the solidarity demonstration:

Germany’s Angela Merkel was there—where was President Obama?

Britain’s David Camera marched there—where was Vice President Joseph Biden?

Italy’s Matteo Renzi made it—where was Nancy Pelosi?

Spain’s Mariano Rajoy attended—where was Harry Reid?

Russia’s Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov came to Paris—where was Mitch McConnell?

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was on hand—why not John Boehner?

Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ignored security risks to show their support. But the U.S. Secret Service is in such disarray as to not provide adequate protection for Mr. Obama?

The White House now concedes it erred in not sending a “higher-profile” representative than the new U.S. Ambassador to France.

Error? That’s an understatement from a President who for six years has displayed a consistent lack of foreign policy intelligence. Who has repeatedly shown weakness and vacillation when faced with moments of crisis whether in the sands of Syria or the streets of Ukraine. A President whose diffidence has undermined the confidence of long-time allies, emboldened adversaries, and reduced America’s esteem at home and abroad.

This latest “error” is just the latest and most egregious of a long list of missteps by this President and this nation.

I’d write more by I’m just too angry at America right now.

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