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Election Day 2014

Caricature of SteveToday is one of those moments that highlights the value of a free people in a democratic society—the right to cast your vote for the candidates and proposals you believe will most benefit America.

Yes, there is much grumbling about our current partisan gridlock in Washington.

Yes, there is much criticism of the 2014 iteration of a “do-nothing” Congress.

Yes, negative, emotionally infused campaign commercials have far too often pushed aside rational discussions and arguments for ideas with specificity.

Yes, there is too much money fueling today’s political campaigns.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, millions of Americans will have entered the voting booth, alone with their thoughts and opinions, and have marked the ballot to reflect their individual views.

There is no coercion or outside influence behind the curtain at the polling station.  We are free to vote as we please.

We are a strong nation. And a committed, politically engaged, participatory electorate will keep us on the right path.

Election Day 2014.

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