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The World Series and Death of Baseball

Caricature of Steve

The New York Times reports the demise of baseball games on traditional television. The article ascribes the dwindling numbers to the migration of the sport from the broadcast networks to cable channels.

Perhaps the decline in viewership is due to the lack of interest by former fans.

People who no longer are driven to paroxysms by the scene of geriatric men in walkers being led by the team mascot to their designated positions.

Then following another mind-numbing minutes of inactivity called innings, watching as the uniformed codgers grapple for their GPSs  trying to find their way back to the dugout.

Have you noticed how many baseball terms evoke the long night of death– World Series always take place in the Fall before the Death of winner, the game is divided into innings (endings), the players reside dugouts (grave), and each team plays until it’s out (lack of consciousness)?

For years I have argued that two things always helped me fall asleep—watching Kevin Costner in any movie and trying to stay awake through a baseball game.

And when Costner starred in Field of Dreams, it became the perfect cure for insomnia.

Oops…I started to doze off…so I’ll end here.


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