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The NFL won’t change because the fans don’t care

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There is growing outrage demanding the ouster of Roger Goodell as commissioner of the National Football League (NFL).

The anger stems from Goodell’s self-admitted bungling of the penalty imposed on former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice who was caught on video punching out his then fiancée, then dragging her unconscious body out of the hotel elevator.

“I got it wrong,” Goodell conceded, then promised meaningful change to stiffen future penalties against all NFL personnel.

Further damaging the league image was the indictment of Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson for spanking his four-year-old son with a tree branch.

Goodell’s responses have shown the commissioner to be more interested in shielding the financial interests of the league and its team owners than confronting the NFL culture of violence on and off the field.

But here is the reality.  An overwhelming majority, if not all, of the 32 NFL owners have the same mentality as Roger Goodell.

They will circle the wagons to protect their own unless they are critically wounded.

That injury can only come from a blow to their pocketbooks.

Unless the rabid, adrenaline-pumped, non-thinking, morally-vacuous NFL lemming fans can find a spine and boycott the weekend games, nothing will change.

The money will continue to flow, people who know better will continue to buy NFL tickets, paraphernalia, subscribe to satellite-delivered Sunday football packages to watch the games of their choice.

This is a nation where voters continue to re-elect the same U.S. senators and congressmen who are responsible for our national political dysfunction instead of new faces who can be a solution.

If we can’t fix the far more important issue of national politics, how do we ever expect to muster the moral strength to boycott the NFL and force change?

The NFL won’t do it; the fans must. And that won’t happen.

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