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Does foreign policy expertise count?

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Jeffrey Peters writes in The New York Times today that most likely Republican presidential candidates are short on foreign policy experience.

True. And neither are any Democrat presidential hopefuls—with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton.

The reason is simple: There are few opportunities to gain such knowledge and insight unless one has served either in the Department of State or on the foreign affairs committees of the House or Senate.

Successful governors have demonstrated expertise in managing domestic policy but in most cases have little reason to groom their international expertise.

House and Senate presidential aspirants who have acquired foreign policy credentials through their work on appropriate committees, frequently lack executive experience.

American voters have demonstrated repeatedly that they prefer someone who has a grasp on domestic issues and a demonstrable record of solving them.

The next president will have scores of foreign policy experts on whom he/she can count for necessary advice.

In 2016, domestic issues will trump foreign policy concerns–as always.   Voters by and large will cast their ballots for the person most likely to restore America’s economic and social well being at home.  

That is as it should be.

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