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Obama, Leadership and America

Caricature of Steve

President Obama has always favored intellectual debate to persuade his opponents and supporters to the wisdom of his policies.

Such a path is long and frustrating to those who would eschew deliberation in favor of rapid, decisive action.

Americans admire powerful leaders and the President is the personification of what many in the United States still perceive as the most powerful nation on earth.

However, when our Commander-in-chief draws a red line in the sand of Syria then retreats when it is crossed, that is viewed as weakness.

When Russian troops crash through Ukraine’s borders with impunity, Mr. Obama’s response is disappointment instead of deployment.

America’s withdrawal from Iraq only to resume airstrikes there reveals a confused foreign policy with no apparent, consistent global strategy.

Domestically, even the President’s almost tired, unemotional reaction to events in Ferguson, Missouri project a man who is detached and uninvolved.

There is a place and time, of course, for moderation and careful analysis. But some events require swift, strong response by a resolute, determined leader.

We don’t want a dictatorial, ego-driven Vladimir Putin in the White House. But it would be reassuring if the current occupant of the Oval Officer displayed more passion and commitment.

It’s what many Americans want and it’s what our friends and adversaries abroad would respect.



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